Bunting’s up!

ImageHere’s the finished bunting, and as promised the pattern below. It’s an ideal way to make use of a random skein of multi-coloured yarn, especially one that’s too bonkers for anything else. As you can see from the photo there’s a distinct lack of snow and even some sunshine. Oh the relief! The UK hasn’t turned into Norway after all! We were starting to get quite worried, especially as it was snowing right up until last Thursday, but today it finally felt like the first day of spring. To celebrate we took a trip to Ickworth House


where there were cute lambs…  



fascinating tree stumps…



and Napoleonic re-enactments.



Anyway, here’s the pattern.

Make a slip knot on 4mm needles
Row 1: kfb. Two sts
Row 2: sl 1, kfb
Row 3: sl 1, kfb. Three sts
Row 4: sl 1, k1, kfb. Four sts
Row 5: sl 1, k3
Row 6: sl 1, k3
Row 7: sl 1, k2, kfb. Five sts
Row 8: sl 1, k4
Row 9: sl 1, k4
Row 10: sl 1, k3, kfb. Six sts
Row 11: sl 1, k4, kfb. Seven sts
Row 12-13: sl 1, k to end
Rows 14-15: sl 1, k to last st, kfb. Nine sts
Rows 16-18: sl 1, k to end
Rows 19-23: rep rows 14-18. 11 sts
Rows 24-25: sl 1, k to last st, kfb. 13 sts
Rows 26-29: sl 1, k to end
Rows 30-41: rep rows 24-29 twice. 17 sts
Rows 42-43: sl 1, k to last st, kfb. 19 sts
Rows 44-48: sl 1, k to end
Rows 49-55: rep rows 42-48. 23 sts
Rows 56-57: sl 1, k to last st, kfb. 25 sts
Leave sts on holder (a spare length of yarn is good).
Once the whole skein has been used, change to a long circular needle and a co-ordinating yarn. Cast on 20sts. K sts from first pennant, * turn and cast on 15 sts, k sts from next pennant, rep from * until all pennants are joined, turn and cast on 20 sts. Turn and cast off all sts. Weave in ends on the same side. 





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