My name is Sarah and I’m the editor of UK knitting magazine Let’s Knit. I first discovered knitting in the early 90s, aged about 18, when I regularly found nothing in the shops I wanted to wear. The internet was yet to be invented so I sought out a library book on designing your own knitting patterns, discovered the bargain bin of my local wool shop and began to create some very…ahem…singular garments

In those days there was absolutely no question of knitting being ‘cool’ – in the naffness stakes it was right up there with trainspotting and morris dancing – so most of my knitting was done in secret, although a small number of friends were privy to my strange hobby. I knitted many a lurid, mis-shapen jumper until I decided it might be wise to follow a pattern or two and learn how to knit properly.
Fast-forward 20 years and I still knit the odd stripey jumper, along with everything from socks to hats to shawls to a toilet roll cover in the shape of Bender from Futurama. I’m also designing the odd pattern again too.

I live in Essex in the east of England with my partner, who’s a publisher and crime writer, my daughter and a bunch of pet rats.



1 Response to About

  1. AK says:

    Love the blog. Want one of those granny cushion covers ! Pretty please 😉
    A x

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