Warm as toast



Well, the Toasty Tweed gloves were finished a few days ago and thank goodness for that, as we seem to have regressed to deep midwinter. It may be the Spring Equinox but here in Essex we woke up to a blanket of snow.

ImageSo, with temperatures hovering around two degrees and a biting easterly wind the Toasty gloves and Boreal sweater were put to the test. On snowy days it’s become a tradition in our house to don our wellies and knitwear and walk to the nearby village, a two mile plod across fields, and reward ourselves with a hot chocolate and a Rocky Road from this lovely establishment.


Today’s trek was really quite blizzardy and not the pleasantest, but the knitwear passed with flying colours! All the covered bits stayed thoroughly warm.

Talking of colours, I dug this yarn out of my stash last night where it’s been languishing for years.


It’s a beautiful 100% organically farmed, hand dyed merino from Krafty Koala and I love looking at it, but the truth is it’s just too darned colourful for the usual hat or mitten project. But yesterday I had a brainwave…


Yes, bunting! I know technically this yarn’s far too good for bunting, but as with any project a good deal of the pleasure is the knitting up, so I’m finding the process of churning out luxurious, carnival coloured pennants highly enjoyable. And then, of course, once it’s done and hanging up in it’s intended place – a static caravan in Devon, ‘glamping’ style – we’ll have the joy of looking at it all the time. So maybe bunting is actually the perfect project for those almost-too-fabulous-to-use hand-dyed yarns. Once the bunting’s finished I’ll post the pattern.


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