Fair Isle Fail


imageOh dear! This is my unloved, abandoned attempt to create a cute stranded hat from my Buachaille leftovers. Once again I made the fatal mistake of thinking of Fair Isle as a sort of colourwork alchemy where you can throw together any old colours, however mismatched, and they will magically morph into something that delights the eye. Not in this case! What I’d hoped would be a stunning interplay of bright and muted shades has, in my artless hands, ended up a sludgy mess.

But never mind. Knitting is all about trial and error, and learning from your mistakes. When it comes to Fair Isle the art of choosing colours that work together completely eludes me, but I’m sure it’s just a case of lots of practice and taking lessons from those who know how it’s done. So with that in mind here are five of my favourite examples of Fair Isle at its most fabulous:

  1. Hedgerow by Ann Kingstone


So jolly! A riot of bold colour, yet somehow it still remains pretty and wearable. This popular design has an army of fans, including the lovely ladies below, who were spotted at last year’s Rhinebeck festival. Aren’t they stunning! I’m amazed at how each colour scheme is completely different and yet all of them look brilliant.


2. In Mood for Maybe by yellowcosmo16604804709_64d85a1e51_z

This is currently top of my Ravelry queue, although it involves steeking so it’s quite a scary prospect. The colours sit beautifully together.

3. Orkney by Marie Wallin


The Queen of Felted Tweed. I could’ve chosen any one of dozens of gorgeous designs by Marie Wallin. Like an exquisite persian rug this intricate design weaves together an extraordinary number of shades and patterns.

4. Northallerton by Rachel CoopeyNorthallerton_COOPTOAST1-03_medium2Rachel has the uncanny knack of creating unusual colour combos that instantly look just right.

5. Leftovers Cowl by Wendy D. Johnson


My leftovers never look like this! A masterclass in the art of making colours sing together. I could look at this all day.

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1 Response to Fair Isle Fail

  1. nanacathy2 says:

    My favourite is the Orkney! Stunning selection.

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