I’d set myself a deadline to finish this in time for Truck Festival last Friday and I just managed it! It looks better with shorts but I’m afraid modesty got the better of me here.
Lapsang crop

Lapsang is a design by Lisa Richardson in Rowan’s Tetra Cotton – new for this season (look at me being all current!). I hasten to add that I started knitting this before it appeared in S*mply Kn*tting ha ha! Slightly embarrassing that, but never mind.Lapsang

The design features an all-over openwork pattern which you might expect to be boringly repetitive, but for me it had a relaxing, enjoyable rhythm. That said, the sleeves did threaten to go on forever, and I realised as I shaped the raglan on the first one that they would in fact be way too long, so I ripped back and shortened by about 8cm. Which is quite a lot! So, there’s something I never knew about myself – it seems I have freakishly short arms!

DSC_0023Being a small size 8 I was worried that the neck would be too wide, and I wanted a less baggy shape in any case, so I knitted this on a smaller needle than specified, dropping from a 4mm to a 3.5mm. Even so, the neck on my finished sweater was still way too big and it slipped off my shoulders. Luckily I found a solution, which was to run a thread through the cast-off stitches. My neckline is now held perfectly in place, but still with a nice amount of slouch.

As you can see, I also left the ribbing at the bottom open, which I think gives a more relaxed fit. I’ve never liked tight welts – guaranteed to make you look paunchy!

DSC_0015Tetra Cotton is an interesting chainette yarn with thicker sections of extra colour, creating a lovely, rustic texture, although it’s soft to the touch. And as for Truck Festival, my finished Lapsang served its purpose perfectly, ensuring I was neither too hot nor too cool as I braved the English summer and enjoyed bands such as Darwin Deez, Bo Ningen, Peter Hook & The Light and The Charlatans.

Lapsang is ravelled here.

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3 Responses to Lapsang

  1. It looks lovely on you, love the colour too.

  2. soknitsome says:

    Perfect modifications. It’s lovely.

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