All In A Good Cause

Our latest issue features a charity campaign on behalf of the RNIB, (the Royal National Institute of Blind People), and it’s such a fun idea I couldn’t help but get involved. Free with this month’s mag is the yarn and pattern for an oh-so-cute bumblebee hat, which we’ve christened the RNIBee beanie. As if it needed to look any cuter, here it is being modelled by the cheeky-looking nephew of Liz, our promotions officer.

bee boy

Readers are invited to send their finished hats to the RNIB who will sell them for £4 each. If you can’t bear to part with your knitted hat you can still contribute to the fundraising as it’s easy to make a donation on the charity’s website.

The pattern was designed by one of our regular contributors, Lucinda Ganderton, who was delighted to be involved with this worthy cause and generously donated her design fee to the charity.

bee beanie by me

Here’s my finished hat, all ready to send off. I must admit I found those antennae a little tricky! Mine don’t stand up as beautifully neatly as the ones on Lucinda’s original, but never mind – despite the poor finishing the cute factor is still there. If you want to knit your own RNIBee beanie then the issue is on sale for another two weeks.

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