And the winners are…!

You may recall last month’s post about the Stylecraft Colour Competition and my exciting role in helping to pick the shortlist. If not then here’s a quick summary: Stylecraft Yarns invited the many fans of their colouful Special DK yarn to suggest a new shade to add to the already burgeoning range. Entries arrived in their droves, and last month myself and my fellow judges – three lovely, creative ladies – assembled in Yorkshire to choose our ten favourites.


I live in Essex so a visit to the Dales is a mini excursion. But as usual I’d been given some tokens to remind me of home.



And here I am with the other judges.



That’s me second from left, and next to me is Annabelle Hill, Sales Director and font of all knowledge concerning the Stylecraft brand. And on the right is Lucy, whose legendary Attic 24 blog has inspired a multitude of crochet ripple blankets in said Special DK.

On the far left is Phil, the blogger behind The Twisted Yarn and worthy winner of last year’s Deramores blog award. Her blog is a witty account of her creative life, in between raising twin boys (the ‘Toddler Twinnage’) and working as a clinical psychologist. She’s a prolific and highly individual knitter, and shortly before judging day had challenged herself to design and knit a skirt for the occasion. Of course, knitting invariably takes far longer than expected, (basically it just takes a bleedin’ long time) and poor Phil was still working the final rounds over breakfast that morning! But with final finishing touches made in the car park before we went in, the skirt was done and ready for its debut. I think you’ll agree it’s a splendid piece of work!

I wrote about the amazing entries and how we made our choices in this post here, but now the moment has come when I can finally unveil the shortlist!

Cypress (17-6319)


Duck Egg (14-4807)

Duck Egg

Empire (17-4540)


Fushia Purple (18-2336)

Fuchsia Purple

Grass green (15-0545)

Grass green

Kelly Green (16-6138)

Kelly Green

Lobelia (18-3833)


Mustard (15-0850)


Pistachio (13-0532


You can vote for your favourite on the Stylecraft Facebook page, and the winning shade will be launched at the London Knitting & Stitching Show. I can’t wait to see which one it is!

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