An amazing array

I spent yesterday immersed in colour!


The day had arrived to pick the shortlist for the Stylecraft colour competition. Readers of Let’s Knit and followers of Stylecraft on facebook had been asked to suggest a new colour to add to the already phenomenal range of Special DK. (There it is above, in all its glory). Yesterday, myself and my two fellow judges, award-winning blogger Phil from The Twisted Yarn and crochet legend Lucy from Attic 24, along with Annabelle Hill from Stylecraft, gathered in the picturesque surroundings of Slaithwaite in West Yorkshire to sift through the hundreds of entries.


The variety was amazing! A patch cut from a favourite tunic, a picture frame, a child’s plastic toy, a piece of silk, a stone – all manner of objects had been sent in. Emailed entries included photos of people’s cars, hair, kitchen walls, plus lots and lots of flowers and close ups of fruit. Beads, nail varnish, stained glass windows, wellies, brickwork, tapestries, muslin bags, Royal Mail ‘signed for’ labels – people had taken their colour inspiration from a mind-boggling array of places and presented them in quirky and imaginative ways.






Somehow myself and my fellow judges, with the restorative help of tea and cake, whittled this amazing array of hues down to ten likely candidates. It wasn’t easy; some we could quickly reject for being too similar to existing shades, but others had us mulling for ages. Would you pick that up off a shelf in a yarn shop? Would it lift other colours? Did it remind you of [insert unpleasant thing]? Is there actually a pantone to match this? (‘Pantone’ is a standardised colour system that allows you to accurately reproduce almost any shade in print or dye using a reference number). Eventually we had our diplomatically-chosen favourites, ready for the public vote, but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until 15th May for the shortlist to be revealed. Watch this space!

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