Coming together

I’m still ploughing on with the huge editorial project I’ve been working on since last October (although the end is nigh!) but I’ve managed to squeeze in a small amount of knitting. Last weekend I finished the neckband on my Victory sweater.
Image I still have the sleeves to do. They shouldn’t take too long to knit, but because I’ve adjusted the body significantly I first need to rewrite the pattern. Unfortunately these are set-in sleeves, and I must admit I find the whole science of sleeve caps and ‘armsyce’ quite befuddling. However, there are numerous indepth tutorials online, including this incredible feature-length one from Knitty, in which I intend to immerse myself before knitting a dummy sleeve cap, just to make sure it fits!

Last weekend, numerous lucky knitters in the UK attended Edinburgh Yarn Fest, an amazing event by all accounts, but those of us who couldn’t go contented ourselves with #bedinburghyarnfest! We stayed home, we wore pyjamas, we made tea and we shared our knitting progress on twitter and instagram. It was great fun! I shall definitely be attending next year – unless I’m able to make it up to Scotland of course.

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