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I spent a few days this last week working at the Craft, Hobby & Stitch trade show at the Birmingham NEC. Every February the great and the good from the crafting world gather together at this show to exhibit their wares and talk business, although in a far less businessy way than in many other walks of life! It’s a friendly, inspiring show. The two hours-plus in the van on the way up afforded some enjoyable knitting time.

IMG_1257-1 Just as well, because once we arrived it was all hands on deck. A jumble of tables and bubble wrap needed to be transformed into something approaching a stand.

IMG_1258-0Much ripping of plastic and careful placement of Velcro ensued, and within three hours we had this! IMG_1276-0Everyone works really hard at these shows, and there were some amazing stands. I didn’t take many photos as I was busy talking to retailers about Yarn Shop Day, but to give you a flavour this is the wonderful sheep, courtesy of British yarn brand Woolyknit, who greeted visitors at the entrance.IMG_1282-1

And here’s her sister on the Woolyknit stand, surrounded by much UK produced loveliness.IMG_1288-1From the other side of the pond came yarns from Creative World of Crafts, including Lily Sugar n’ Cream, Bernat and Caron, drawing the crowds with their amazing Medieval display, all 100% knitted (sorry for the dodgy pic).

tent There were also lovely stands from the likes of Erika Knight, Intercontinental Yarns, The Fibre Company and West Yorkshire Spinners, all of whom were new to the show. It was great to see their wares, but my main reason for being there was to talk to visiting retailers about Yarn Shop Day. Our annual celebration of bricks-and-mortar stores takes place on 2nd May this year, and we have over 100 shops on board already. There’s still plenty of time to sign up, so if you’re in the UK and you’re visiting a local yarn shop any time soon why not ask them if they’re taking part? And if they’d like some more information, just direct them our way!

Yarn Shop Day 2015





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2 Responses to Talking Shop

  1. Sorry I missed you! I wasn’t there until Tuesday afternoon and saw very little, just the people I needed to see. I did meet Adrienne though as she was taking down the stand. Lovely to meet her in person at last!

  2. incogknitter says:

    Yes, Adrienne said it was lovely to meet you too! Shame I missed you.

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