Photo pick: January 2015


It’s a weasel! This normally elusive little creature was darting around on our patio last Sunday, and was photographed here just a couple of metres from our kitchen window. A close proximity to wildlife is one of the things I love about living in this semi-rural part of Essex. If you’ve visited my blog before you may recall a previous post about owls and partridges, (and I was delighted to count ten partridges in our garden this morning), and I heard today that otters were spotted in a river not far from here!

I must admit I’m never the one who notices these things first! Spotting wildlife takes a certain intuitive knack; you need to be always on the lookout, and to train your eye to spot the smallest movement. It’s no good goggling around wildly – you need to know the right place to look, and have the patience to scrutinise carefully, until finally you spot something promising. Unfortunately I don’t seem to possess any of these abilities! Which explains why I’ve never seen the sparrowhawk that hunts across our back garden, or the kingfisher that flits around our local river (this is a source of great annoyance!). But luckily for me James is a wildlife spotter par excellence. If there’s something to be seen then invariably he sees it, (he noticed the weasel), so at least I can alway rely on having things pointed out to me! But it makes me realise how much interesting wildlife is around us all the time, and how easy it is to miss it. It’s there; it’s just a matter of learning how to spot it. I plan to hone my skills…


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