So, I needed to find a way to rediscover my knitting mojo, which seemed to have gone AWOL at the start of this year. You may have seen the KAL we’ve been running on Let’s Knit, the fabulous #lksecretgarden blanket.

secret garden

It began on Christmas Eve, and every month we publish two more squares – the second pair came out last Friday. For a full-sized blanket you need to knit two of each square (one of each for a smaller blanket). The original sample has been sitting on a desk opposite me since the KAL began, and it’s a splendid thing, exquisitely knitted in toning shades of merino aran, and featuring a fabulous array of intricate stitch patterns. Just the thing to inspire me to pick up the needles again! So last week I finally shook off my malaise and joined the KAL.

secret garden2

I may have started late but I’m catching up, having almost finished my initial set of four squares. I’m mainly using yarn from my stash, as I found I had whopping amounts of aran in colourways that, although not the same as the original, I think could be workable substitutes. Pink can be replaced with red, and cerise with purple, and so on. I like the fact that these yarns are a mixture of brands, hues and fibres – mostly wool but with a smattering of silk, cashmere, and camel – and I’m looking forward to seeing how they mingle together in what I hope will be a pleasingly homespun-looking way.


Being generous in size (20cm x 20cm), and taking up well over half of a 50g ball of yarn, the squares aren’t particularly quick to knit, but the rhythmic nature of the patterns is very relaxing. Just what’s needed for a stressful January!

If you’d like to join the KAL but you’ve missed part one don’t worry as all the individual instalments will be available to buy online from at the end of the project.




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