Lost: one knitting mojo…

Happy New Year everyone; hope you had a great festive break. I spent mine in Mexico – the first time I’ve ever been abroad for Christmas. For a holiday nut who’s always looking for ways to maximise vacation time, a Christmas break unfettered by work commitments for the first time in years was too good an opportunity to waste. We simply had to get away!
Having done Christmas with the family we packed our bags and flew out on Christmas Eve, arriving after 12 hours of travelling just in time for the lavish festivities that take place on that day.




P1010585Christmas Day itself was a more low-key affair, but I was satisfied to be able to cross something off my bucket list – Christmas on a sun-soaked beach (it was actually a tad chilly that day but let’s not quibble!). This is me on Christmas morning with the obligatory piña colada.


I had paella for lunch, just before Santa arrived in a boat to give all the children presents. (Ponchos, but not Mexican ones sadly).


It was certainly a very different experience, but my preference will always be for a chilly, wintry, cosy sort of Christmas. Unfortunately we seldom get such a thing in East Anglia; our Christmas days are generally grey and mild. Maybe I should head north in future!

We were staying in a region called the Yucatan Peninsula, which is peppered with Mayan ruins. We visited a couple of sites including Chichen Itza:

DSC_0101 and Tulum


The ruins are intriguing and distinctive, but little is known about the people who lived there. It’s surprising given that most of these cities were thriving at the same time as the later Roman Empire. Practically all writings by the Maya were destroyed, but we know they were sophisticated astrologers – so advanced, in fact, that later commentators thought they’d been assisted by aliens – and that as a result they invented an extremely accurate solar calendar, which many mistakenly believed forecast the end of the world on 23rd December 2012. Aside from that they’re a bit of an enigma.

As well as a little bit of culture, we also did some snorkelling…

P1010731 …some partying…


…some drinking…


…and plenty of relaxing.

P1010847But one thing I haven’t been doing much of lately is knitting! I seem to have misplaced my knitting mojo, and I know it sounds shocking but I really haven’t felt like picking up the needles at all this year. To be honest, though, this is part of a general malaise that’s afflicted me since returning to the gloomy old UK (was it always so dark in the mornings in January??). Yep, I think it’s a typical case of the January blues, which I’m sure will lift in due course. In the meantime, I do have a bottle of tequila that I brought back with me (there’s none of that Dry January nonsense in this house!)

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3 Responses to Lost: one knitting mojo…

  1. WOW! Lucky you. Hope you had a fab time. How about taking the nicest thing in your stash and spending some time on Ravelry trying to decide what to make with it?! Always gives me loads of ideas!

  2. Elise says:

    This looks like an idyllic Christmas! I’d love to visit Mexico, all the history sounds fascinating 🙂

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