In progress


P1010551I have a new knitting project on the needles! It’s my version of the Your Victory sweater, a much written about pattern originally from 1945, which can now be found in the V&A museum archive.


I say it’s my version because along with deviating from the patriotic colour scheme I’m also creating my own shape. Fabulous though the short-bodied, hour-glass styling of the original is, I simply don’t have the 40s pin-up curves curves to carry it off! So I’ll be making it longer and less fitted at the waist.

P1010560The striking chevron stitch is incredibly easy and relaxing to do; every wrong side row is purl, and every right side row has a simple nine-stitch repeat which quickly becomes obvious as you work. And given that it’s worked in 4ply it seems to grow surprisingly quickly.


After much deliberation (and some trial and error!) the yarn I finally chose was Blacker Swan, an exquisitely soft merino from the Falkland Islands. I’d been struggling to pick a palette of three colours until one morning I saw the perfect combination, on – would you believe – the livery of a lorry I drove past! The muted shades of this yarn were an excellent match for those colours, with a hint of black in each that pulls them all together. It feels luxurious and I can’t wait to wear the finished item.

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  1. Oooh lovely. And now I want some of that yarn!

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