When is a cushion not a cushion?



That’s right, when it’s a scarf! You may remember back in May I set myself the challenge of creating a cushion to add some colour to our plain sofa. I carefully selected six colours of Rowan Felted Tweed DK, attempted to create a pleasing Fair Isle pattern, failed in this task as there wasn’t enough contrast between the colours, so instead came up with a design of intarsia diamonds.


You may wonder why nothing more was heard of this cushion. Well, having finished my simple design of diamonds on the front and stripes on the back, all knitted in one piece, I cast it off ready to insert a cushion pad and sew up – and realised that I just didn’t like it. My carefully chosen colours just weren’t right for the room – instead of the muted, painterly effect I’d expected the result was dull and mushy. For a cushion it wasn’t a good look. However, whilst musing over what to do lest all my hard work and beautiful yarn go to waste I must’ve idly wrapped the piece around my neck, as I suddenly realised it could actually make an acceptable scarf. All I needed to do was pick up stitches on one of the ends and carry on knitting until it was long enough.

IMG_0916Four-row stripes seemed an easy, attractive pattern. I decided on a pleasing length that when the scarf was worn would give one set of stripes down one side, one set down the other and the diamonds around the neck. Ideally it would’ve been nice to have had more diamonds but I simply couldn’t face any more intarsia! Once I’d cast off I folded the whole thing over, closed the seam with mattress stitch along the length, stitched up the ends and viola!


For something that’s been pretty much a complete disaster from the start I’m actually quite pleased with this result. It’s the great thing about knitting; almost everything can be salvaged one way or another. And if not you can always turn it into a yarnbomb!

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