A head start*


In my last post I lamented that it was almost too hot to knit; well, there’s certainly no danger of that now, as temperatures seem to have plunged. This unseasonably chilly weather has lead me to start early on my autumn knitting, and if previous years are to go by this will probably include a number of hats. I tend to knit several each year ; it’s not that I need more hats, but a hat is often the perfect answer to the question of what to do with a spare 100g of yarn, and what better place to display your knitting prowess than on your head for all to see, whilst keeping you warm in the process. Furthermore, the scope for exciting styles (beanie, slouchy, tam, bobble, textured) and adventures with colour (stripes, Fair Isle, new shades of yarn) mean that no two hats need ever be quite the same, so there’s little risk of boredom. Admittedly, not everyone agrees; in my role as knitting mag editor I once received a letter from a reader bemoaning our inclusion of hat patterns. ‘Don’t you realise no-one wears hats in the real world?’ it scathingly asked. Well, happily I seem to inhabit an altogether different world!


So here’s the first headwear of AW2014. The pattern is Aislinn, available to buy on Ravelry, although it comes free when you purchase the wool from The Yarn Cake in Glasgow. The wool in question is New Lanark Chunky, a 100% British yarn produced by traditional methods at the New Lanark World Heritage Site in Scotland, a restored 18th century worker’s village created by social reformer Robert Owen. Historically, New Lanark’s industry was cotton, but a functioning 19th century spinning mule has been put to good use in production of high quality yarn, much of which is organic, and all proceeds from the sale of it are reinvested in the site.

IMG_0588The hat itself is an easy knit on chunky needles and is ravelled here.

*Sorry for the pun. (I work in craft magazines, nuff said…)

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6 Responses to A head start*

  1. That yarn is fabulous and the hat absolutely gorgeous. I love hats too. I regret we don’t wear them all year round – as in ‘put on your hat and coat’ – maybe we could start a bring back hats campaign?! 😉

  2. Monique says:

    What a pretty yarn! It is gorgeous in you hat. You knit this flawlessly!

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