Long hot summer

I hate to say it but it’s almost too hot to knit! We’ve just returned from a sunny break in Devon, and I can’t remember the last time I had so much fresh air.


As well as surfing and general beach pursuits we visited Lundy Island, an inhabited outcrop of rock 12 miles off the Devon coast. There were dolphins following our boat as we made the journey, and the island itself is home to a colony of puffins. I’d never seen these almost cartoon-like creatures before – they’re adorable! Lundy also boasts one of the most isolated pubs in the British isles, so of course we made time to stop for a beer.


 The Marisco Tavern

One of our favourite pursuits this summer has been butterfly spotting. Thanks to the mild winter and warm, balmy summer they seem to be far more numerous than in recent years. What’s bad for knitters is evidently good for butterflies! We’ve also been competing for who can take the most National Geographic-worthy photo, and been surprised to find how close they will often let you get, provided you’re suitably stealthy. Most notable South-West spots were the common blue, the speckled wood, the gatekeeper, the marbled white and, just possibly, the adonis blue (it’s rare so we might have got that wrong!)


Marbled White

Despite the heat I haven’t actually abandoned knitting this summer. Here I am getting started on a pair of socks at The Thatch Tavern in Croyde.


I bought the bag from the craft market that morning; it’s a wash bag but makes a brilliant small project bag. I’m really pleased with it. It’s made by Juju Board Bags and hopefully they’ll soon be available online.

Hope you’re enjoying the summer, whatever you’re doing.

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1 Response to Long hot summer

  1. Sounds like a fab holiday! Being from Somerset we don’t often go to Devon preferring the more exotic and far away North Wales, Shropshire and Derbyshire! That bag is fab! It hasn’t occurred to me to use a washing bag and it’s a brilliant idea – fabric project bags get dirty and recently I’ve resorted to large plastic re sealable freezer bags, which while practical aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing…

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