Mother’s Love

The August issue of Let’s Knit comes out tomorrow and it features these fantastic headbands, designed by Jane Burns and modelled by none other than Katie and myself.

headbands I can vouch wholeheartedly for this design. Having worn the sample for the photoshoot I found it so comfortable, and so great for disguising bad hair days and unsightly root regrowth, that I didn’t want to take it off. Naturally we always return samples to our designers, so I knew I had to eventually give this one back, but the solution was obvious – I would just have to knit my own. I’ve since made not one but three of them!

headband pub

Here I am sporting the first one while enjoying a pint in one of my favourite pubs, the Dog & Duck in Soho. It’s made in Schachenmayr Extra Soft Merino DK, but any DK yarn would be fine, and it takes only 40g.


Here’s the second. This was made in a subtly variegated yarn – no idea what it is unfortunately as it was label-less and dug from the very bottom of my stash. With hindsight a variegated yarn wasn’t the best choice because you knit the two crossover parts separately, so when you join them together they are inevitably at different points in the colour sequence. Despite my best efforts to avoid this I still have a visible join – although I don’t think it spoils it too much.


And finally here’s one I made for Katie, from the wonderfully neon Bergere de France Barisienne.

These headbands are an easy, enjoyable knit and I know I’ll definitely be making several more, both as presents and brilliant speedy stashbusters.   The pattern appears in issue 82 of Let’s Knit, on sale Friday 4th July.


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3 Responses to Mother’s Love

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  2. Love the colourway of the second headband, it’s so pretty. Also, the first picture is gorgeous!

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