IMG_0037Over the last two weeks I’ve been involved in a yarnbombing project, co-ordinated brilliantly by Alexandra Davis of Stitch n’ Bitch Colchester. Last night came the exciting moment when the yarnbomb finally went live

IMG_0034What a spectacular sight! If you’re based nearby and wish to seek it out it covers a ten metre wall just off Queen Street, very close to the Firstsite gallery.

I’d known about the plan for a good few months but I confess I only began my contributions when the final call went out, frantically knitting as much as I could in the final week! You know what they say – if it wasn’t for the last minute nothing would ever get done. I managed to churn out a couple of lurid panels of fuzzy blue and pink stripes which you can see in the image above.


Over the last five months, thanks to Alex’s regular call-outs, an amazing collection of knitted and crocheted pieces had built up, from tiny decorative swatches to full-on blankets. Then came the task of stitching it all together, with which I lent a hand


So finally it was finished, and on Friday evening in the rain it was ceremoniously stapled to the wall!

IMG_0039I think it’s a fabulous thing and I hope it gets lots of press coverage. I plan to revisit with Katie in a couple of days and take some proper photos – apologies for these; they were taken on my phone at 6.30 at night! Still, I think the gloriousness of it still shines through. I love the eclectic way the pieces have been assembled, making for some really interesting sections.


IMG_0044IMG_0042The vest is definitely one of my favourite bits!

There’s more about the yarnbomb, plus some much better photos, on Alex’s tumblr here

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2 Responses to Yarnbomb!

  1. stitchboombang says:

    This is fantastic.

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