This week I’ve been getting excited about…

1. Granny Squares

DSC_0063I’ve made granny square cushions before but this is my first attempt at a blanket. I started out with a great big heap of multi-coloured DK yarn, but quickly found myself returning to the same small range of colours, in particular that lovely calming blue. So instead of the technicolour frenzy I’d originally planned I’ve ended up with a palette of just seven colours. Funny isn’t it how varying those few colours within one granny square creates such a different effect. I love how this is turning out – it’s sort of evolving of its own accord, and I’ve no idea how it will eventually look. I think I’m going to stop at nine squares and then join them together in blue before creating some sort of border to make the blanket nice and big. But there are so many possibilities for taking it further in a totally different way. What would you do?

2 Holidays

Camino_cA few years ago I came across Summer Crochet, a pattern booklet from Rowan. Lovely patterns, but what really transfixed me were the stunning location photographs.

Corsica_a Ever since I saw it I’ve wanted to go to Malta, where it was shot. I don’t know how selective the Rowan photographer was, but on the evidence of this booklet Malta looks to be brimming with character, of the rustic, crumbling, sun-bleached, slightly dilapidated type that particularly appeals to me.

SCIncidentals_hI absolutely love to photograph ‘dilapidated chic’. To me, a bit of faded paintwork on an ancient doorway is as picturesque as any grand monument, as my Flickr photostream will testify. I also love islands and a nice bit of sunshine. So imagine my excitement when this week, on the spur of the moment when opportunity knocked, we booked a holiday to Malta! We’re going just before Easter, so it’s only about nine weeks away. Very excited. I need to invest in a new compact camera before I go, as my DSLR is great but cumbersome to take everywhere, and my brilliant Finepix F30 is on it’s last legs, sadly. Once I’ve got that I’ll be all set for what will hopefully be a photography fest! So be prepared for a few photo-based postings on this blog when the time comes.

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2 Responses to This week I’ve been getting excited about…

  1. If you get a chance, go across to Gozo for the day – it’s lovely.

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