Just before Christmas our Advertising Manager, Julie, came to work wearing a fab lace cowl that immediately caught my eye. Long and wide, it featured elegant lines of chevron stitch that draped stylishly when worn. Straight away I knew I wanted to make one. There wasn’t a pattern available for it though – it had come from the local supermarket! However, the stitch pattern looked relatively easy to replicate. Here’s a photo:


As you can see the original was dove grey which, lovely though it is, isn’t a colour that features much in my wardrobe – another good reason to remake it. I needed a 4ply yarn and I didn’t have to think long to come up with a gorgeous choice – the aptly named Scrumptious by Fyberspates (a combo of merino and silk) in a colour I’d long admired – their luminous Gold shade. And here it is on the needles:


It took trial and error, along with a fair amount of cussing, to replicate the pattern exactly. Indeed, most of Boxing Day was spent getting cross with it, but eventually I had a Eureka moment and worked out exactly where those decreases should go. My version does differ from the original – it’s narrower by two strips, and each of my repeats is one row shorter. It probably would have been better to have the longer repeat (I just miscounted – doh!) but making it narrower meant I could obtain the same lovely draping length with a mere one skein of yarn! Amazing! Here it is blocking:

DSC_0038(Don’t look too close – blocking really shows up the errors!)

The knitted piece prior to blocking looked very ‘spiky’ because the knitting kinked each time it changed direction, but blocking resolved that problem and allowed it to grow to the desired length of 150cm. With cast-on and cast-off edges sewn together I can wrap it round three times if I want to, although two is a more relaxed way to wear it. Unfortunately my usual photographer is on strike so the best I can do is a selfie of the finished cowl:

DSC_0051I quite like it, and it’s certainly divine to wear. It never looks the same twice because the stitches always fall differently, and it’s proved excellent at providing plenty of warmth without feeling stuffy. The pattern itself is a nice, easy, somewhat hypnotic knit. If you’d like to make one I’ve written up the pattern and added it to my pattern library on Ravelry here. I make no claims to it being an original design, obviously (although it appears in ‘my original designs’ on Rav because I’m adding the pattern myself) but as far as I’m aware the prototype is no longer on sale anyway, so at least we knitters still have a chance of owning one! .

In other news, I took a tiny step towards my resolution of growing things ready for a summer barbecue – I bought some seeds! I could hardly resist them as they’ve been marketed specifically for that purpose. Although I’m not sure I’ve ever barbecued a beetroot, and at £6 I’ve probably been well and truly done, but I enjoy eating all of these things so for me it’s a good selection, whatever its dubious barbecue credentials.


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3 Responses to Tesco-tastic!

  1. Jane says:

    That is stunning Sarah, well done x

  2. It’s great, Sarah! I saw that in tesco too! They have some lovely knitwear 🙂

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