One to watch

Last weekend we went to the pictures to see the new film American Hustle. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, enjoys a rollicking good crime caper a la Martin Scorsese, complete with sassy dialogue, great music and increasingly ridiculous hairstyles.


The film has some excellent performances; Christian Bale as the cautious conman is brilliant, but for me it was the two female stars, Amy Adams and in particular Jennifer Lawrence who stole the show.jennifer_amy-434283

In fact Jennifer Lawrence’s performance stuck in my mind all weekend. It took me by surprise as it was so very different to the other things I’ve seen her in, much more cartoonish and comic, and as such a real treat. If you’ve seen the film then no doubt the mention of science ovens, rubber gloves and ‘Live & Let Die’ will have you chuckling! She’s clearly a brilliant actress with a wide range. She’s also, I note, a bit of a rising icon of knitwear. I hardly need mention the Katniss cowl from Hunger Games, re-imagined several times on Ravelry, e.g. here

katniss-catching-fire-2-537x402But there was also the rather cute hat-wearing that took place during another great performance, Winter’s Bone:

winters-bone-2-LST077725And again here….

winters-bone_article_story_mainI don’t think Jen wears any knitwear in American Hustle but I’m hoping for great things in the future – maybe a full-on iconic jumper a la Sarah Lund.

On a different note, I wonder how many of you reading this are fans of Ysolda Teague and have signed up for Follow Your Arrow, her amazing-sounding mystery KAL? It’s a choose-your-own adventure style shawl pattern, revealed gradually in a series of weekly clues, and there are 32 possible outcomes. Ingenious! The first clue is published on the 13th Jan, so there’s still time to enlist before it starts. I must confess that although I signed up in a flurry of awestruck excitement at the cleverness of it all, I’m not convinced I would ever wear a full-size shawl, so I think I might just watch the KAL threads from the sidelines and then decide if I’d like to make it. But if you’re in from the start then I wish you the best of luck!

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