…and a Happy New Year!

Basically I love New Year. All those end-of-year round-ups – albums of the year on BBC6music, films of the year by Mark Kermode, books of the year in Prospect – I positively lap them up, catching up on what I might have missed and mentally consolidating all that was great about the year just gone.

I love to take stock of what I’ve done during the previous 12 months, thinking back fondly on family outings, holidays and other high points, and taking time to reflect on achievements, big and small. This year I added Croatia to my list of favourite destinations, but the revelation for me was Disneyland (the Paris one) which I didn’t think I’d like at all but was actually awesome!

2013 blog collage 2

I read fewer books than usual this year but I think this was a product of being busy with other things – one of them this blog. I started designing for the first time, egged on by those around me, and by the niggling feeling that I was coasting through life on autopilot, not really challenging myself. It’s all too easy to stay in your comfort zone, but moving out of mine was definitely the best thing I did in 2013. That and go on Big Thunder Mountain six times…


So, in 2014 there’ll hopefully be more of the same – more knitting, more designing, more blogging (and more rollercoasters). There’s also a new venture to work on. Towards the end of 2013 we had our garden cleared, a patio laid and, most excitingly, a veg plot marked out – which James unnervingly always seems to refer to as ‘your veg plot’. So, assuming we ever see the sun again, I shall be flexing my so-far non-existent green fingers. I’m aiming to have, by August, an outdoor space that’s fit to hold a birthday barbecue, and if there’s one thing on the menu that’s been grown in the ground by me I’ll consider it a victory!

I hope you also have some exciting New Year plans to look forward to. In the meantime, enjoy what’s left of the holiday. Today’s the last day of mine, and I plan to spend the rest of it working on this:



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