Books, bits and bobs

At the start of this year I didn’t get much knitting done; instead, my time was spent helping to edit my DP’s latest ‘magnum opus’, aka the third in the series of Detective Frost prequels. And this week it hit the shops!


Doesn’t it look fine? We’re pleased with the look of the hardback, and with the great review that’s already popped up on Amazon. I figure most people in the UK must be familiar with Detective Frost, as played by David Jason on the telly, but may not be aware that Frost was originally a series of books, written by the now-deceased RD Wingfield. These books have a large following, although they are perhaps a little less PC than tends to be acceptable today. Anyway, three years ago, with the blessing of the author’s estate, my OH James (in collaboration with an author friend Henry Sutton for the first book, although not the following two) embarked on this series of prequels, which have proved a great success.


If you like the TV show then you definitely should like the books as it’s easy to imagine a young David Jason darting around as the prequel Frost – in fact, there’s arguably something of the Del-Boy about him!

I’m incredibly proud of James and what he’s managed to achieve. Writing a complete book is no mean feat, but to turn out three in three years when you also have a full-time job is verging on extraordinary. As I mentioned, I did help out with read-throughs and edits, which was also a lot of work, but nothing compared to coming up with plot lines, twists and witty dialogue whilst commuting on the 8.05 to Liverpool Street!

Last weekend, in between fireworks and visitors, I worked on a new design for some gloves. It began when I dug a skein of Malabrigo Rastita out of my stash.


The yarn is 100% merino and slightly felted, which is wonderful for gloves. Knitting in wool and then gently felting to create a plush, cosy fabric was how I made my favourite ever pair of gloves, (now sadly more hole than glove) so this seemed the perfect project for a pre-felted yarn. The colours are so beautiful that I’m sticking with one shade and have been working on creating some texture for the top of the hand. I’m pleased with how it’s looking so far.


If all goes well with the pattern then it will be available as a free download, so watch this space.

Last week in the Co-op I had an awful moment of weakness, letting Katie persuade me to buy her a neon pink acrylic hat! Clearly it offends every knitters’ principles to purchase such a thing, but she wore me down with endless begging and I gave in – the shame! (It was only £1.50) However, I was quite pleased that no sooner was she home than she hunted out a pompom she’d made and stitched it on. A great improvement!


Of course, the boys at school couldn’t resist nicking and playing catch with the hat and consequently pulling off the pompom, but she was unruffled and calmly stitched it back on.

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7 Responses to Books, bits and bobs

  1. AK says:

    Well done to you & James!
    Love Katie’s pom pom hat x

  2. Jane says:

    Nice work Katie 🙂

  3. nanacathy2 says:

    I have read the Frost books- the TV Frost is a real improvement on book Frost, who seemed to me to be obnoxious! I shall look out for the new books now- who knows they may be adapted for TV just like Morse became Endeavor. Thank you ! Nice pompom!!

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