Free pattern – Wool Week Hat

This pattern is now available as a free download from the Let’s Knit website here

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2 Responses to Free pattern – Wool Week Hat

  1. Liane says:

    I love this pattern and am really excited to try it! Only thing is, I’m in the US and we don’t readily have 7mm needles (no idea why). Would you recommend I skip to 8mm or just keep at the 6mm? Thanks!

    • incogknitter says:

      Hi Liane – really pleased to hear you like the pattern, and apologies for using a needle size that’s not universally available! Regarding which size to substitute, I suppose it depends on your preference for the fit of the finished hat. 6mm will produce quite a close-fitting hat, more like a beanie in style, so if you would prefer something more slouchy then I would go for the bigger size. There is certainly scope for a bit more slouch in the hat (I don’t like mine excessively slouchy and have quite a small head, so my version could well be too small for some people’s liking). Alternatively, aren’t 6.5mm needles available in the US? These would produce a slightly smaller hat but probably wouldn’t make too much difference, that’s if you preferred a closer fitting style.
      Either way I hope your hat turns out well for you!

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