Challenge complete!

On Monday I decided I would celebrate Wool Week by designing and knitting a hat. And here it is:


The pattern took one 100g hank of Artesano British Wool and barely an evening to knit up – once I’d overcome the urge to create, in the space of one design, every hat I’d ever wanted. That’s my problem with creating something from scratch – too many possibilities! However, once I’d honed things down to the beautiful simplicity of wide, repeating cables it was all plain sailing.

I cast on yesterday at our lunchtime Pic-Knit, which we held (indoors!) in support of Wool Week. We invited members of the craft department and beyond to join us for knitting and snacking, and in between the sausage roll scoffing we had staffers knitting innocent smoothie hats, doing tapestry (with wool!) and learning to knit from scratch. This was all dutifully live-tweeted of course!


I finished the hat last night and conducted what, for me, is the only true measure of success in a knitted hat – the slouchiness test. I knit a lot of hats – my OH can regularly be heard saying ‘Another hat – how many heads have you got?’ – but what I don’t do is knit a variety of hats. They all tend to be the same shape. Tight brimmed and slouchy, that’s the hat for me, and it has to be the right degree of slouch, enough so it belies the shape of the head but not so much that it droops down like something off Embarrassing Bodies. I’m delighted to report that this hat has exactly the right degree of slouch.


Katie’s school was closed for ‘non-pupil’ day today, so we took a trip to Framlingham Castle in Suffolk, where this photo was taken. The castle is well worth a visit on a sunny day, with beautiful grounds. It turned out to have a relevance to Wool Week, since the wool trade was the source of East Anglia’s vast wealth in Tudor times, when the castle was most splendid. Unfortunately it was also the wool trade, specifically the transfer of land from agricultural to grazing use, that brought about the poverty epidemic amongst peasants in the 17th century, at which point the castle found a new use as a poorhouse. Such is life.


If you’d like to knit an easy cabled hat from a skein of British Wool then the pattern will be made available soon – watch this space!

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6 Responses to Challenge complete!

  1. Jane says:

    Nice work 🙂 Where was my invite to the picknit? Embarrassing bodies indeed!

  2. nanacathy2 says:

    A nice degree of slouch! Very good- I’ll remember that next time Mr E asks if my hat is not a little on the big side!! Super day out, by the way.

  3. Jane says:

    Check your Ravelry message box for your reward 😉

  4. incogknitter says:

    Followed your instructions and it worked! Thank you so much (and Doug)! x

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