Happy Wool Week!

Yes indeed, this week is officially Wool Week. To celebrate it, my plan is to create a hat from a skein of pure British wool. And here is my chosen skein:


This, as you can see from the label, is Artesano British Wool. Although the sheep breed isn’t specified it certainly feels nice, with all the softness and sheen of a premium blend. In the glare of the flash it looks blue, but it is in fact more an iridescent shade of turquoise, which is truly delightful. The prospect of overseeing its transformation into autumn headwear is exciting, although I don’t have an actual pattern. All I have is an idea, plus a vague notion that a hat can’t be that hard, can it? Hmmm, this could go very wrong…

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3 Responses to Happy Wool Week!

  1. Jane says:

    I feel a designer badge maybe needed 😉

  2. Safia Shah says:

    Hey – what a lovely thing to say about the knitted taxi! Could I be cheeky and add that anyone interested in the endangered words campaign or getting more knitting into schools should visit my website on carnabysuninvited.com
    Have to admit that I am totally in awe of knitters after the Alexandra Palace show.

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