Zombie knitting



Yesterday I finished this jumper for a friend’s new baby. It’s stretches of simple stocking stitch allowed for some relaxing TV knitting, mostly during compelling and strange new French zombie drama The Returned. Unfortunately, absorption in said drama lead – somewhat inevitably – to negligence in the proper reading of my pattern. I was working from a booklet of baby knits, and had set out to make a little hoody. It was one of those booklets that duplicates instructions, and my pattern began ‘Work as for envelope neck sweater to ***’ All fine, except that my attention being elsewhere I quickly reached ‘***’ and merrily knitted past it, to the tune of the whole back section and half the front!

So the unintentional result was an envelope neck sweater – fine, had it not been a total arse to stitch together. The crossing over of the neckbands at the shoulders and their need for careful, even positioning when stitching to the top of the sleeves was a minefield of trouble, and several lumpy efforts required unpicking. The finished result is OK but the making up took as long as the knitting itself! No doubt little Arlo will look just as cute in this as he would have done in a hoody, but I shan’t be knitting any more envelope necks – not knowingly at least!        

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