Something Went Wrong!

ImageThis pattern is proving tricksy in its early stages! I only realised things were awry when I needed to replace a runaway side marker, and having counted my stitches in order to find the half-way point I discovered I was EIGHT stitches short! Eight! To lose one stitch, that’s unlucky, to lose eight, well, that’s a bit incompetent really. Initially I thought I must’ve cast on the wrong number of stitches, but no, I had the right number of diamond motifs along my cast on edge. Indeed, everything looked fine for the first couple of repeats, but on close inspection there appeared to be a bit of a mash-up at a certain point within repeat three (difficult to discern in its unblocked state). I think what must’ve happened is that I missed a yarn forward or two, causing my pattern to be out of sync, which I quickly realised and rectified, but in finding my place within the lace again I unwittingly amalgamated two diamonds. 

Nothing for it but to wantonly rip back half of what I’d done. Gaah! And lace is an absolute sod to rip back…

However, it’s all fine and back on the needles now. What’s more, my plan for this top has evolved. I’d previously mentioned loose tension; well, having measured my knitted piece it’s somewhat wider than expected. Ahem. (yes I DID do a tension square! I’m just not that hot at measuring…). So, the plan now is for gradual decreases, creating a subtle A-line shape up to the bustline, at which point the measurements will marry up with those in the pattern. (I’m giving myself top marks for blind optimism if nothing else!)    


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1 Response to Something Went Wrong!

  1. derring-do says:

    Oh no! Ripping back is always a hard choice. Keep at it, though! This is going to be beautiful!

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