ImageToday I was roundly spoilt, in typical Katie fashionImage

Gifts included fudge in a handmade box, a pick-me-up posy of gerberas, a dragonfly pendant, a pot of orange-scented handcream (made at Brownies – very nice!), a balloon and a giant badge that said ‘I’m the Mothers Day Queen!’


ImagePlus the joy of waking up to some adorable t-shirt vandalismImage

I felt I had a lot to live up to today – I’m not sure I truly deserve all these accolades, by any means! 

So it’s been a nice day. And…I also have a finished glove!Image

And yes, that is snow in the background, so a pair of hole-less gloves are much in need! Now, to be absolutely honest, there’s something about the colour scheme that doesn’t completely work for me. I love all the colours individually, and I thought I loved them mixed together (although there was virtually no art involved in choosing them – they were just next to each other on the shadecard and I thought they looked fab!). But having adopted the stripe sequence from my original gloves I have to admit it’s not as successful here. Perhaps it’s the predominance of orange – I love orange but I think it jars a bit. Maybe it’ll grow on me…


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