Boreal revealed!

The joy of a seamless sweater is that when you’ve finished knitting, you really have finished (bar grafting the armpits and weaving in a few ends). You cast off and over the head it goes – hurrah! I think I’ll definitely knit more seamless yoke sweaters.And in spite of worrying constantly about my dodgy float-weaving I’m quite pleased with how Boreal turned out. It’s a very nice, snug fit, and I particularly like how the neck-hugging, patterned yoke negates the need for a scarf when wearing it under a jacket – I hate my neck being cold but I don’t always want to wear a great fat scarf every time I go out. This is the main reason why I chose to reverse the colours and use the darker shade at the top, because being the purple shade it was the one I wanted to see more of. I’m definitely pleased with that decision.
If I had to give a tip on technique I would urge all knitters to follow the advice in the pattern and knit the sleeves inside out to keep the floats nice and loose. You’re still working a knit stitch and working the chart from right to left, it’s just that your right side is on the inside, and you work anticlockwise. Mind-boggling as that sounds it honestly does work! Here’s what it looks like
I’m secretly hoping we might get a few more chilly days so it can wear it once or twice, although admittedly today’s sunshine was wonderful!

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2 Responses to Boreal revealed!

  1. purlandme says:

    Love this, beautiful pattern and colour combo!

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