My project for over Christmas is already underway. It looks pretty unexciting at the moment but colourwork will start appearing very soon.

boreal beginnings

Last weekend I learned the hard way that decrease rows, subtitled Scandinavian crime dramas and too much wine don’t mix. Arrggh! I had to rip back most of what I’d done the night before, which was most annoying. However, I got back on track pretty quickly.

I’m excited by this pattern  but one of the things that’s thrown me is everything being in inches. When it comes to knitting patterns  I’m so used to measurements in cm, and this being a UK pattern I wasn’t expecting it. To me, tension squares are 10cm x 10cm, and I instantly know the stitch count to 10cm expected from a particular thickness of yarn,  so 4.5 stitches to 1 inch just makes me go ‘Whah??’ And it seems to me an odd mix to say ‘Using 4.5mm needles cast on x sts and work in rib for 2 inches.’ See guys, we’ve moved on from these funny old inches! Our needle sizes are all new-fangled and metric for good reason – it’s much more straightforward! I defy anyone to convert a knitting needle size into imperial.

However, having pondered on it further I’ve realised there are lots of things in my life that are easier in inches, or at least I can’t avoid naturally thinking about them in that way. Haircuts, for example (hair conveniently seems to grow about half an inch a month). Vinyl records. (‘17.5cm single’ is just silly). Bra sizes. Photographs. (6 x 4, 7 x 5, 8 x 10 and so on). The list goes on. So I guess there’s room for both, and why not.

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